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Process Tracking

Keep track of your workforce, machines and more importantly processes. Optimize your operations using Real-Time Production Data. Aura delivers interoperability to connect your business and manufacturing systems involved in production management ensuring On-Time Delivery and Improved Profitability. Instead of isolated data within individual systems, with Amazzio, it will become the force behind managing and executing production activities in a cohesive, seamless, and repeatable manner.

Quality Control

Amazzio’s embedded quality management and process control allows manufacturers to reduce human error, easily identify non-conformance throughout the entire assembly process, enable reject and repair strategies, and ensure only good parts are produced. A quality management system with greater levels of efficiency, visibility and cost savings. Aura provides the tools to take quick action on the causes of poor quality thereby improving customer satisfaction and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Track & Optimize Utilization 

Track your Resources in Real-Time while improving output in the long run. This will help you meet fluctuating demand requirements while standardizing processes. Optimizing your utilization also keeps your energy needs in check thereby allowing improved floor productivity and efficiency.

Improve Safety & Training

Proactive work instructions allow for accelerated training processes. Certification validation can also be done at the station level to ensure operators are trained and certified to perform certain tasks in the assembly process reducing risk and improving quality control in the process as trained personnel are likely to commit lesser errors.

Warehouse Workers
Entering Keys
Maintenance Diagnostics

Amazzio provides insight into production processes, equipment performance, and analysis of real-time data gathered from our solution, to help maximize overall productivity through preventive and predictive maintenance management. This ensures quicker problem resolution times while keeping costs low.

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