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Aura Raises Seed Round to Enable Intelligent Homes

Our journey with Aura first began in 2014, when the two of us were involved in a college project. We've come a long way since then, with our experiences and knowledge evolving based on our interactions with the market, our customers, and our partners, enabling us to get to this unique position at the forefront of innovation in enabling our vision of the intelligent home and property.

We've experienced first-hand, the siloed nature of the current smart home product landscape, the manner in which smart homes are currently deployed and utilized, the lack of a unified experience, the poor customer support and experience, and other issues that have held prevented this area from delivering real value and realizing its actual market potential. With the inception of Aura, it's time to disrupt and put an end to this cycle.

Today, I’m excited to share that we’ve raised Seed financing to help scale our platform, team, and expansion. Since our inception in 2017, we’ve served countless homes and added 18 partners. We’ve also expanded geographically and today we have our partners spread across Australia, UAE, Kuwait, and India. At the back of this round, our Seed round was led by Chiratae Ventures and other prominent angels.

You can read the full coverage here : There's a long way to go and we're just getting started, but I’d like to pause and thank all our esteemed customers, partners who believe in our vision and product. And to the team members, who've built this platform to help us reach here. We’re still scratching the surface of what’s possible and we couldn’t be more excited to be joined by our investors in helping us reach the next milestone, and the next. Onwards and upwards!

P.S. Want to come on board? We are hiring across various roles. Apply today to grow your career with us. If you want to transform the way you currently manage your home, sign up for a product demo with one of our experts.

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