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Smart Technology helps reduce Carbon Emissions

The earth has undergone significant changes over the years while witnessing rapid evolution amongst humans. Climate change is increasing temperatures. Global climate change is real and is happening right now. Changes to the Earth’s climate driven by increased human emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases are already having widespread effects on the environment: glaciers and ice sheets are shrinking; river and lake ice are breaking up earlier; plant and animal geographic ranges are shifting, and plants and trees are blooming sooner.

Effects that scientists had long predicted would result from global climate change are now occurring, such as sea ice loss, accelerated sea level rise, and longer, more intense heat waves.

The severity of the effects caused by climate change will depend on the path of future human activities. More greenhouse gas emissions will lead to more climate extremes and widespread damaging effects across our planet. However, these future effects depend on the total amount of carbon dioxide we emit. So, if we can reduce emissions, we may avoid some of the worst effects.

Smart Devices that reduce the global carbon footprint

  • Smart Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that maintains temperature levels. Smart thermostats take temperature control and response to a whole other level. These internet-connected devices utilise algorithms and sensors to gather and analyze large amounts of heating and cooling data. Temperature adjustments can still be made up or down, but the smart thermostat remembers temperature choices and adjustments and memorizes energy use routines.

Smart thermostats also share monthly notifications about the household’s energy consumption patterns and help in reducing electricity bills.

  • Smart Sprinkler System

Climate change and global warming are making water resources scanty. Watering lawns and garden areas makes too much water wastage in the house, which results in overall water wastage.

Smart sprinkler systems here make sense. They help to reduce the loss of water to a great extent and reduce carbon footprints Smart home irrigation systems optimize water usage and reduce wastage. Installation of smart sprinklers in the house can reduce the wastage of water to a great extent. With this, the household will not only be conserving water but also saving on their annual water bills.

  • Smart Metering

We feel that we are conserving energy, but unless we don't have any measurable source, then it is not possible to know how much energy we are saving. Old generic meters don’t have proper data on energy by which we can get to know how much energy we’re consuming and saving.

Smart Meters give data on real-time energy consumption by which we know how much energy we’re consuming and saving. Smart meters have a two-way connection between the meter and the central electronic system of your home.

  • Smart Traffic System

New smart sensors are reducing emissions such as lights and sensors. They’re reducing emissions by improving the flow of traffic.

While cars wait for traffic lights to change, they emit large amounts of fuel. To combat this, sensors on the roads detect when cars are waiting at a light or when traffic is heavy in a certain direction. These sensors let traffic lights know when to change so that traffic keeps flowing. In this way, traffic can be reduced and carbon emissions also come down to a large extent.

  • Smart Lighting

Lighting consumes tremendous energy, whether it’s at home, office, or a public place. The amount of energy it consumes is tremendously high to cope with. Smart lighting helps reduce carbon emissions and cost. Smart lighting in public places are now equipped with sensors that automatically switch off the light during the day, and switch them on at night. These are being used in smart homes and offices too.


Smart devices can not only save costs but also contribute to the environment. With the help of smart devices, carbon emissions are decreased to a great level. It helps control carbon emissions and makes the earth a better place to live.

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