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The Rise of IoT in the Modern World

The Internet of Things in a nutshell

IOT simply enables a digitally connected universe using everyday physical devices. These devices are connected via the internet, sensors and other hardware that allow communication and control via the web.

IOT makes devices smarter by capturing and processing data over the internet, allowing the devices to communicate with with other devices and create greater value.

How does IoT work?

  • Devices have sensors that collect data

  • The collected data is then shared via cloud and integrated with software

  • The software then analyses and transmits the data to users via app or website enabling action

The Importance of IoT

The internet of things enables convenience and automation at home or in business. IOT helps companies automate processes and reduce labour costs. It helps in improving efficiency and offers transparency in consumer transactions.

General Benefits of IoT to Organizations

The Internet of Things offers various benefits to organizations. Some of the most common benefits of IOT in business are -

  • Enhance employee productivity

  • Helps make better business decisions

  • Generate more revenue

  • Monitor Overall business processes

  • Increase overall efficiency

IoT in Healthcare

Healthcare sectors are adapting new technology and IOT is helping to great extent -

  • Increases efficiency

  • Helps patients get connected to doctors via remote monitoring & virtual assistants

  • Optimizes manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

  • Reduces the cost of healthcare

  • Helps maintain quality control

IoT in Agriculture

IOT sensors collect vital information like-crop health, temperature, humidity and other parameters

  • Reduces wastage and Saves cost

  • IOT sensors reduce the usage of fertilizers and pesticides

  • IOT sensors help monitor real time data and increase efficiency

IoT in Supply Chains

  • Helps manufacturers track necessary parts across the globe

  • Tracks the temperature of perishable goods and ensure freshness and quality

  • Improves last mile deliveries and in getting repeat orders

  • Creates more transparency in all stages of the supply chain

IoT in Manufacturing

  • Check quality control and increase work flow

  • Catch and rectify flaws before the product reaches the market

  • Optimizes the safety of workers, equipment and operations in a manufacturing plant

  • Smart meters can monitor the consumption of water, electric power and other fuels enabling savings and better efficiency

IoT at Home

  • Manage all your devices and appliances using a single app such as the Aura app

  • Enhanced security for you and your family while you’re home or away

  • Remote control of devices and appliances

  • Enable energy-efficiency and savings

  • Smart devices and appliances offer increased convenience and functionality

  • Insights into your daily home activities allowing room for better management


IOT is growing in every sector with consumers getting increasingly comfortable with products focusing on a range of applications including fitness tracking, driverless cars, smart home appliances, and more.

The power of data and data sharing is clearly visible in the midst of this growth and will continue driving greater value across different ecosystems.

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