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Why do you need smart door locks?

Locks are an essential part of any conversation about home security.

For centuries we humans have been using locks to protect our homes from intruders or any other unauthorized personnel. From time to time we’ve come up with various innovations in door locks with the 21st century witnessing the emergence of smart home devices and smart door locks.

What are smart door locks?

Smart door locks let you control your home from anywhere using your mobile phone. They inform you regarding any visitors in your absence and also enable you to keep a check on any unauthorized entry.

Why do you need smart door locks?

There are various reasons why you need smart door locks which we’ll be discussing below -

No searching for keys anymore

We encounter such situations once in a lifetime where we may forget or lose our door lock keys at home or elsewhere and are now locked out from our own house. This does not have to be the case anymore as devices such as the Aura Controller let you control your smart locks with remote access, voice recognition, and scenes with the help of Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa.

You could create scenes like, Good morning, Good night, or others wherein you may connect your door locks to your lights for various use-cases.

You could create a Good night scene in the Aura app, where the lights dim and the door is locked. When this scene is activated, all activities in the scene are executed without the user having to intervene.

You can connect to your smart door lock with your home Wi-Fi so that you can control it from anywhere using an internet connection. You don’t have to worry about your door key every time you leave your house anymore, because you can simply open and close your door lock anytime, and from anywhere.

Give access to your family and friends

Smart door locks allow you to give access to your family and friends at home. There may be certain instances wherein your friends or family may show up in your absence. How do you allow them to enter your premises in such cases? A smart door lock allows you to do so. Let’s assume, that your kids were to return from school at a time when you’re not at home, the Aura app allows you to verify that it is indeed your kids at your doorstep, using the connected CCTV systems. Upon verification, you may proceed to unlock your smart door lock using the Aura app itself to ensure safe entry.

You can also control the timing and permissions for when someone is allowed access to your smart home. Let’s suppose, you have a maid who works from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. You may allow your maid to enter your home only within this time period and prevent entry at other times.

Stylish add-on to your door

Smart door locks don’t necessarily look like traditional door locks. They come with various options as highlighted below -

  • Keypad based door locks for which you can set passwords

  • Fingerprint-based door lock that can be used with your fingerprint

  • Face-recognition based door lock

You can opt for any smart door lock as per your choice and convenience to enhance your smart home and security experience.

Send alerts upon unauthorized activity

Upon detection of unauthorized entry into your home, the smart door lock sends an alert to your mobile phone (using the Aura app) so you can follow up and take action. Your smart door lock can also be configured in tandem with other security sensors around the house for added security.

You can also configure the system to send the same alert to the police and other security services.


As mentioned earlier, we can connect to our smart door lock anytime, and from anywhere.

It means that, whether you’re out with your friends and family in Hawaii or on a business trip, you won’t necessarily have to worry about ensuring that your home is locked or not because you can lock your home from anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity.

A common question about smart locks

Can you still use your smart lock even if your internet connection or electricity is gone?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions related to a smart door lock, and the answer is - Yes. Many smart locks also come with a regular key port which can be used as a standard door lock. In addition, you can have the option of connecting with your lock via BlueTooth meaning you can still use it when within range.

Smart door locks have certainly seen increased popularity in recent times along with increased scrutiny and questions. For more such commonly asked questions, do feel free to check out our in-depth FAQs on smart door locks here (

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