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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Will Aura help me Save Energy?

Independent studies have shown that Aura Systems save energy. In an average home, the thermostat/lights/audio-visual systems control about half the energy bill and can have a significant impact on energy costs. Energy saving highlights –

  • Energy saving features includes Smart Temperature & Lighting Control to help you pick a setting that will help save energy.
  • Aura can turn down the temperature when you’re away. This helps prevent heating or cooling an empty home / unnecessary lights or systems being left on.
  • Aura can learn your daily routines and schedules thereby activating necessary components of your home only when needed.
  • Aura Systems can pay for themselves in a year or less. Independent studies have shown that Aura saved people an average of 32% on overall electricity usage. Based on typical energy costs, we’ve estimated average savings of $500 a year. Individual savings are not guaranteed.

What colors does it come in?

Aura is currently available in Black only.

What equipment do I need to run Aura in my space?

All you need to run Aura is an electrical outlet that Aura can plug into. No really, there’s absolutely no heavy installation required.


How can I tell if my property works with Aura?

Aura is a retrofit solution which works with any property - old and new. It just works.

Set Up & Installation

Can I Install Aura myself?

Yes, Aura systems are easy to install in most homes. You can find a local Aura Partner to install your system by using the Partner Finder. Note – Aura Partners are independent companies or contractors that Aura works with to help you install your Aura products. Although they are not employed by Aura, we maintain a network of well-rated and trained installers for our customers to work with.

Can I get a Professional to Install it for me?

If you have a complex system or if you’d just like some help, you can have a local Aura Partner install your system. After they’ve installed your Aura System, your Aura Partner installer can give you a demo and answer any questions you may have. Note – Aura Partners are independent companies or contractors that Aura works with to help you install your Aura products. Although they are not employed by Aura, we maintain a network of well-rated and trained installers for our customers to work with.

How do I Install it myself?

The Aura App will guide you through the Installation & Set-up. Here is a basic overview -

  • Get a wiring diagram.
  • Install your Aura system on the wall.
  • Set up your Aura system. Your system will guide you through answering some basic questions about your home.
  • Connect your system to the App.
  • Learn how to use your system and change settings.

Does it need to be connected to the Internet?

You don’t need to connect your system to Wi-Fi to use it. Your system will still be able to control your home and can still help you save energy. However, you won’t have access to all your system’s features, and some of the energy saving features on your system won’t work as well. For example, here are a few of the features you won’t have if your system isn’t connected to Wi-Fi –

  • Your system will not be available remotely.
  • Your system won’t be able to download software updates.
  • Your system won’t be able to process any voice commands.

How do I connect my Aura system to my Phone?

After your system is installed, the app will guide you through connecting your system to your phone. This will let you change settings even if you’re not at home. If you skip this step during installation, you can always come back later and connect the system to your phone using the app.

If I move, can I take my Aura with me?

Absolutely. Unlike other professionally installed control systems, Aura doesn't require any hardwiring or custom programming, so it's easy for your professional installer to move it to a new location.


How and What do Aura systems learn?

Using In-Built AI & Machine Learning Algorithms, Aura monitors your daily schedule over a period of time following which it can build or automate a custom schedule for you and your house making sure resources are being utilized as and when needed. This Learning is not just limited to certain components but in fact across various devices – technically speaking, the entire house.

Will my Aura system automatically turn down my house when I leave?

Your Aura system can detect activity around your property to automatically switch to Energy-Saving settings when you leave to help save energy. You can enable Home/Away Assist on your system or with the app. Home/Away Assist uses activity sensors in your Aura system and your phone’s location to automatically switch your Aura system when you leave and when you come back

How does Aura differ from Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Other DIY options?

Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Home products are nice options for the DIY voice assistant market. Meanwhile, Aura is designed for professional installations by connecting with devices over the network and accessing new or pre-existing control systems like Crestron, Control4, and Lutron. Aura uses machine learning to adapt based on your preferences. Lastly, Aura is a custom solution installed and supported by a certified technology partner to ensure the best experience for the end-user.

Does Aura have a limit to the number of Devices that can be connected?

Nope. Aura can connect to all the devices you have installed in your space.

Safety & Security

What if my Wi-Fi goes down?

If the Wi-Fi in your home goes down or something else causes your Aura system to go offline, your system will continue to control your house regardless using other wireless/wired protocols. It’ll be business as usual for those within their homes – however remote access to the device will not be possible with the device not connected to the Internet. You won’t be able to control your system with the app until it reconnects, but you can always make other changes at the system itself manually. Your system will periodically try to reconnect to your network.

What if the Power goes out?

If the power goes out, it’s likely that the appliances in your house are unpowered as well. If that’s the case, your Aura system will not be able to control them. You’ll need to wait for the power to come back on to keep using your system.

What about Data Security in Aura?

Aura works hard to keep your data secure. In order to access your system remotely you’ll need to log into the app so you’ll need to keep your login and password secure. To help make your account more secure, you can enable 2-step verification. Information from your system is transmitted using secure AES 256-bit encryption to help keep your data safe. Inter-Communication between multiple Aura systems is also secure and encrypted at all times. Learn more about security and privacy at

What is the Warranty Period on my Aura system?

All Aura systems come with a Standard Warranty Period of 1 Year.

What is Aura's Privacy Policy?

At Aura, we take your privacy seriously. Learn about our privacy practices at the following link – Privacy statement for Aura Products & Services.

Purchase & Ordering

Is there a Monthly Subscription or Fee?

There is no monthly fee to use Aura or enjoy its core energy savings and comfort features.

In which countries is it available for purchase?

As of now, Aura is available for purchase in India & the GCC Region with new Markets being added on a regular basis. Do subscribe to our Newsletter so as to keep in touch with our latest updates & technology offerings.

Where can I buy an Aura system?

Aura is available through our established Partner Network. Please do reach out to us regarding your needs and troubles, and let Aura handle the rest.

Support & SLA

What Support does Aura include by default?

The Aura Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is a perpetual service that provides you with substantial value to preserve your investment in Aura The benefits include -

  • Email support:
  • Web meeting support (for more interactive engagement)
  • Web-based support
  • Phone Support - Local & International
  • Implementation guides and many other self-help documents
  • Technical notes
  • Hotfixes, Patches, and Service Packs
  • Product downloads
  • Free product upgrades (new versions/releases)

Does Aura offer additional Support options for further peace of mind?

Yes, Aura offers a client-specific Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is a subscription-based service with an annual fee. Subscribers to SLA will receive -

  • Assigned technical support engineer(s) with knowledge of your solution
  • Solution-specific assistance and troubleshooting
  • Agreed upon response time
  • Customized coverage based on agreement
  • Service reports