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5 Smart Home Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

With the adoption of smart homes gathering pace, kitchens are being considered as an integral part of any solution with multiple innovations in the space.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 smart kitchen appliances that are bound to make life more comfortable.

Smart Blender

We all go through a situation where we’re confused about what type of setting to put the blender on and how much time is needed to blend the ingredients. Sometimes we blend too much and sometimes too little.

But not anymore with smart blenders.

As the name suggests, a smart blender understands the needs of the customer. It will read the container and check how many items (and their amounts) have been fed into the container and set the timer and settings according to it. Along with this, the smart blenders will not start until the container is set properly onto the motor base.

In addition, smart blenders come with a smartphone app, which lets you connect with your blender through BlueTooth or over the Internet. You have the option to select your favorite recipe through the app, with your smart blender automatically generating all the necessary settings and blending time according to it.

Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer

An air fryer is a device that deep-fries food using less or no oil.

You can use a smart air fryer directly from its display screen/buttons, using its app, or voice control using Alexa, Google Assistant, or any other home automation system like Aura, which lets you connect your smart air fryer or any other device to their own app.

Smart air fryers come with 100s of recipes within the app. You’re good to go once you’ve selected a recipe. Smart air fryers are extremely simple, so even if you’re a total newbie you don’t have to worry.

You can control your smart air fryer from anywhere. While you’re on your couch or doing other things, the smart air fryer app will notify you about the status of your food.

Smart Coffee Maker

It’s 8 in the morning, you’ve just woken up and are heading towards the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for yourself but you notice that it’s already been prepared for you by your smart coffee maker just the way you like it. Smart coffee makers are the coffee lover’s dream!

Or you can also use home automation systems like Aura which allow you to create various scenes which include your preferred activities at a specific time during the day. For example, you could create a ‘Good Morning’ scene in the Aura app where you can set your smart coffee maker to prepare a cup of coffee every morning at your convenience.

Smart Refrigerator

Yet another important smart kitchen appliance is the smart refrigerator.

Smart fridges offer a lot of utility, with most smart fridges having a touch screen, which you can use for various use-cases such as connecting your smart fridge to your smart tv so you can watch it from the kitchen, as it allows you to see what’s inside your smart fridge without having to open it due to the camera installed inside.

In addition, you can connect your smart fridge to your smartphone which allows you to manage the temperature of your fridge, start and stop the ice maker, and if you’re at the market, allows you to check the current status of your supplies and those that you’ll need to pick up.

Smart Microwave

Last but not the least, smart microwaves. The most important of the lot.

We may always think of a microwave as being used only to reheat leftovers or to make popcorns for family movie time, but that’s not all a microwave can do.

And with a smart microwave, this is a lot easier with the help of home automation technology. You can control your smart microwave with a voice recognition system like Alexa or Google Assistant. In addition to that, you can control your smart microwave with your smartphone by installing an app by lets you set temperature, time, and all other necessary settings as per your need.

These are the top 5 smart kitchen appliances you can use to make your life easier. Don’t forget to check out some of the other blogs such as Top 5 questions about door locks.

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