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Aura is a Platform

Where do we add value

For Comprehensive Security

Build an all-around security system by utilizing security cameras and diversified sensors. 24/7 monitoring and live alerts.

For Complete Automation

Achieve complete automation, allowing users to discover the magic of a smart home and fully enjoy a smart life.

For Home Entertainment

Our rich ecosystem helps users easily embrace a theater or party atmosphere at home anytime.

For Energy Monitoring

Build an all-around security system by utilizing security cameras and diversified sensors. 24/7 monitoring and live alerts.

For Custom Experiences

Achieve appliance automation, to let users discover the magic of a smart home and fully enjoy a smart life.

For Visitor Management

Aura allows users to delegate permissions to other users, monitor outsiders, and manage deliveries.


Intelligent Home

Lighting Control

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Scenes Control



What sets us apart


Your Space, Your Style

Connect Any Device to Any Device

Define your Identity using over 3500 Brands. Aura sets you free by letting you create your use-case using your choice of Brand while preventing you from being locked-in.

Complete Automation Platform

Single Platform for All Installations

Aura is sufficient to fulfill your Automation needs, catering to Lights, Security, Temperature Control or even Entertainment Systems.

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Encrypted, Secure & Offline

Secure Communication Channel

Aura prioritizes your privacy by communicating via secure channels while being able to work offline even when your Internet maybe down. 

Unified Application

One Application for All your Needs

Aura lets you Control your entire house from a single interface preventing you from having to use multiple applications for multiple devices.

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Scheduling & Scene Creation 

On Time, Everytime

Aura takes away your burden by taking on redundant tasks which would've otherwise hindered your productivity. Never interrupt your sleep again for your geyser.

Access Control & User Profiles

Control Access to your Environment

Aura lets you control and delegate access to various users based-on their roles and responsibilities making sure there's no misuse within your property.

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circuit breaker panel repair

Scale Effortlessly

Wired & Wireless Approach

With its flexible implementation approach Aura lets you start small and grow as per your needs. You will never have to break another wall for the Brand you want.

Truly Smart & Connected

Adapts to your Lifestyle

Aura leverages its in-built Machine Learning algorithm to create truly smart experiences based-on your routines alone. Aura learns with time as any assistant would.

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Anytime, Anywhere

At the Tip of your Fingers, Always

The Aura App lets you Monitor & Control your Property from any part of the World making sure you have 24/7 Visibility & Up-time keeping you safe and informed

Optimize Resource Utilization

Save the Planet, Save your Wallet

Aura lets you track Resource Utilization Metrics giving you an idea of your Monthly Expenses along with actionable insights to Optimize the same. 

Wind Turbines


Rohan Raj, Vivid Technologies

Easy to Use and Install. Implementations are way more efficient and convenient than they used to be traditionally. 

Shah Nawaz Khan, Nectarine Solutions

Customers are able to realize their ROI within the first year itself. Amazing Value & Support. 

Toji Joseph, Veterans Interiors

By making Aura a part of our Projects - New & Old, I've managed to acquire and retain more Customers.  

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