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Aura — Bringing Life to Your Environment

We all are burdened with plentiful responsibilities and obligations and with life almost moving as quick as the speed of light, we are depleting away our most valued resource — time. Performing tedious tasks can sap the energy out of you, leaving you tired and exhausted. Aura can solve your problems, whether it may be at home or at work.

What is Aura?

Aura — The IoT Gateway set to re-define Experiences everywhere

Aura is an automation platform like no other, which manages your environment and sets up your hub space with a simple tap featuring an intuitive user interface. Now, living like the Jetsons is no longer a fantasy but a reality. Imagine entering a room and having all your devices synced to create a vibe that matches your preferences and mood. Aura will enable you to get all your compatible devices at home or in the office to do what you want and when you want them to do it without any hassle.

Why Should You Choose Aura?

Automation devices are not new in the market. There are a variety of devices to choose from but here is why Aura is the best in the business right now.


If you are running late from work or have decided to have a long night out during the weekend, you can simply tell Aura to set up all the devices in your house to suit your requirements when you return home. You can also set up Aura in your office space and configure the settings of your room before you reach work with a simple click of a button.


Aura is most certainly not an introverted technological personality when it comes to connecting with other devices. Being compatible with over 3500 devices including a variety of renowned brands, you can rest assured that Aura will communicate efficiently with all your devices to provide a smooth and enjoyable automation experience.

Easy to Use

We all know a few people who consider technology as the enemy due to how complicated it can be to use. Well, Aura has been designed to cater to customers belong to different ends of the spectrum. The interface is clear, concise and easy to navigate compared to other automation devices. Any customer can choose between touch, voice or a regular Android/iOS Application. You no longer need to exhaust vital brain cells to figure out how to use an automation platform to control all your devices. It will be as simple as one, two, three.


Purchasing an automation software can be quite costly and will leave you anxiously waiting for your paycheck at the end of the month. Aura provides a variety of affordable packages with high quality and service.

Exemplary Customer Support

Aura provides a variety of solutions to support your daily queries. You have the option of scheduling a customer service agent to come to your location and solve any issues as well as remote customer support where you can call our contact center and speak to a specialist. Once you choose Aura, you can sit back and relax while we do the rest.

Ultimately, controlling all your devices at home or in the office is not only convenient but sustainable as well. In short, Automation devices can provide a variety of benefits such as better security, conservation of energy and avoiding wastage of resources. Aura can be your loyal companion to provide you with a more comfortable lifestyle.

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