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Aura Hubs first to use Z-Wave Long Range

Updated: Jun 21

Aura can now confirm that its line of smart hubs, which includes the Aura 3 Series, the Aura 5 Series, Aura 7 Series and the Aura 7 Pro Series, are all compatible with Z-Wave Long Range, a new technology that increases their range from tens of feet to over a mile.

In late December 2020, the Z-Wave Alliance released their new Z-Wave LR functionality and Aura has already implemented it, building this amazing technology into all the Aura hubs with the 700-series Z-Wave chip.

Since then, Aura has successfully provided its customers with Z-Wave LR functionality in their homes and offices. It allows our hubs to seamlessly pair and control Z-Wave compliant modules over large distances creating the possibility of robust and economical deployments.

We’re very excited to announce the availability of this functionality with you.

More details at https://www.aura-smart.com.

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