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Bon Appetit, Aura

The two biggest industries in the world at the moment are food and tech. Over the last decade, several people have successfully explored the possibility of merging the two.

A UK based company, Moley, claimed to be the first-ever robotic kitchen, with a consumer version being set to launch this year. To up the game, a team of MIT students wanted to revolutionize the fast-food industry as literally as possible and wound up opening, Splyce, the world’s first robotic fast food outlet set in Boston. This concept is quickly catching on everywhere, with Beijing having its first robotic kitchen outlet being opened by Hadilao in partnership with Panasonic.

The food industry has excitedly embraced this modernity with several such outlets being scheduled to open across the globe. Whether it’s having to rely on Moley, or even Flippy, the robot hamburger flipper, we aren’t that far away from the reality of completely automating our home kitchens as well.

Imagine, you’re on your couch after a long day, and then through Aura, ask Alexa to open Netflix on your television screen. You’ve found the perfect movie, and you also have Aura set the lights in the right mood.

The only thing you need now is a plate of delicious Italian spaghetti bolognese. Maybe Aura can recommend a more calorie specific dish, or list out recipes from the cuisine of your choice. When you’ve made up your mind, and let your robotic kitchen do its magic, soon enough you could enjoy a Masterchef-quality dinner while you watch your favorite movie.

Restaurateurs have looked at automation as an option that not only saves them cooking time, but also encourages consistency and hygiene. Safety standards can be upheld back in the kitchen and accidents can be rapidly reduced owing to how there will be lesser human intervention in different kitchen processes. Apart from saving them costs, these robots could also be personalized if integrated with a controller like Aura.

Aura could further help you with business analytics by learning about which dishes perform better with specific demographics at specific time slots throughout the day. Not to forget that the same controller can be used to select the music that should play at the restaurant as well as automatically turn on the lights when evening arrives.

Analytics could further be relied upon to improve kitchen efficiency. Cooking time estimates would inevitably be more accurate now that they are just robotic processes. Moreover, you could be directly intimated about shortages in the warehouse, and you could further program Aura to automatically place grocery orders online.

So in the near future, all you’d have to do for dinner is have a bon appetite, while your home prepares food for you and your family.

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