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Bringing Iron Man to our Classrooms

The next industrial revolution has finally arrived and is here to stay. Automation of industries was always a futuristic ideology but somehow managed to mark its arrival way sooner than one could have predicted.

Science fiction doesn’t qualify as a genre anymore as much as it does as a blueprint for digitization ideas. Stark Industries, the corporate giant of Marvel Universe, for instance, is a beacon of evolution within the said comic book’s lore. This is beyond just the concept of superheroes or militarization of technology.

The Future Is Here

Aura is an automation platform like no other, which manages your environment and sets up your hub space with a simple tap featuring an intuitive user interface. Now, living like the Jetsons is no longer a fantasy but a reality. Imagine entering a room and having all your devices synced to create a vibe that matches your preferences and mood. Aura will enable you to get all your compatible devices at home or in the office to do what you want and when you want them to do it without any hassle.

But this still remains a very alien concept, especially in India. Which is why the notion of Stark Industries feels so larger-than-life. Yet, imagine Tony Stark was handed the reigns to run a school – Would teachers still take attendance on tattered registers? Would blackboards still be a thing? Would an assigned student monitor have to take up the responsibility of turning the lights and fans off every day at the end of school?

All these scenarios sound so archaic when placed beside the Utopian visions of Tony Stark. So then how far are we from painting our reality with these comic book colors? Turns out, not far at all.

Our Approach

The concept of automation may still seem far fetched to the Indian schooling industry but with careful implementation of an automation hub, campuses can evolve drastically.

Basic sensors can be attached to electrical units. The hub can then automatically regulate the turning on and off of lights and fans based on classroom time-tables. In fact, motion sensors can be used to detect an empty classroom, and adjust electric equipment accordingly.

Furthermore, why do we always have to rely on the tallest boy in class to be enlisted with the responsibility of jumping up and pulling down the projector screen, and then climbing on a bench to turn the projector on? We are way too far in the 21st century to not be able to just press a few buttons on a mounted touchpad and let the above activity occur automatically. A huge chunk of time at the beginning of class doesn’t have to be dedicated to taking attendance when an ID card reader or a fingerprint scanner can be integrated with the same automation hub.

When the education sector in India reaches a healthier economical state to incorporate a system of providing students with tablets/laptops, the same automation hub can be enhanced to monitor performances via a closed network WiFi framework.

Plenty of companies have tried to develop technologies to facilitate the above concepts, but most of them insist on having an entire end-to-end framework bought completely from them. But there are also other products like Aura that function as just a core to enforcing all of the above. Aura’s hubs comply with any smart devices, and so if your school already has a system that just requires a nerve center, this would be the perfect product to purchase.

So, it’s fair to say that if Tony Stark did indeed exist in our world, we could happily deputize him with the job of just saving the world alone, since folks like Aura are already advancing the world’s technology one school at a time.

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