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Revolutionising Smart Home Automation: Introducing the Matter Protocol


The Matter Protocol can revolutionize the way we think about smart home automation. Have you ever desired that your smart home appliances could just "speak" to one another and operate together without the need for a central hub or controller? The Matter Protocol is here to make that dream a reality!

This decentralized protocol for smart home automation enables devices to safely discover, engage, and communicate with one another, resulting in a completely connected and automated house. No more juggling multiple apps or fumbling with clunky controllers - just imagine being able to control all of your smart devices with a single voice command or tap on your smartphone. With the Matter Protocol, the possibilities are endless.

Matter Protocol, based on the concept of the "Internet of Things" (IoT), aims to change the way we connect and manage our gadgets. Traditional smart home systems rely on a single hub or controller to connect and communicate with various devices, this can be limiting and can also be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Benefits of Matter

The Matter Protocol addresses these challenges by allowing devices to connect and interact with one another without the use of a central hub. This decentralized method strengthens the system and makes it less vulnerable to threats. It also allows for greater flexibility and scalability, as new devices can easily be added to the system without the need for extra hardware or reconfiguration.

In addition, it allows devices to safely share data and resources, opening up new opportunities for automation and integration. For example, a smart thermostat may communicate temperature data with a smart air conditioning system to optimize energy use, while a smart door lock could share access information with a smart security camera for increased security.

Aura and Matter

We do need to keep in mind though that the Matter protocol is simply a communication protocol. Enabling an Intelligent Home, however, is a different case altogether. This comes down to various applications such as Aura on which your smart home devices are being managed. In addition, there are other major protocols such as RTSP (CCTVs) and SIP (Video Door Phones) that are not supported under Matter. While matter will enable the industry to grow faster from an innovation perspective, control systems such as Aura will still need to be at the heart of any home in order to enable a complete home experience.

Aura will be adopting Matter as part of its platform & OS, enabling industry players to roll out Matter-supported products faster. On the other hand, this will allow Aura users to seamlessly add Matter-supported devices to their homes.


Smart homes are becoming an increasingly popular feature of our everyday lives, and the Matter Protocol is an important step towards a more integrated and seamless smart home experience. As more devices embrace the protocol, we can expect to see an increase in the number of linked devices that operate together cohesively and efficiently, making it easier to control home automation. This will make it easier for us to control our home automation, resulting in more convenience and comfort in our everyday life. The future of smart home technology is definitely promising, with the potential to bring more benefits to its users.

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Dec 12, 2023

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