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The Importance of a Smart Hub

What is a Smart Home Controller?

A smart home hub, Smart home controller or home automation controller is the heart behind your smart home. It’s the hub that controls all your smart home appliances and devices.

Smart controllers are the epitome of convenience, you just need a single device to control everything - from turning down the temperature in the room to alarming your home’s security system, you may use your phone, tablet, or oftentimes your voice to interact with your smart home devices.

The Best Smart Home Controller

The Aura Controller has been gaining popularity off late with it’s robustness and support for multiple protocols including but not limited to Z-Wave, KNX, IR, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and many more, that allows Aura to control 90% of the smart devices on the market.

The Aura Controller is based-on a powerful Quad-core processor, powerful enough to create unique experiences and handle major smart devices available in the market.

Major Features of the Aura Controller

  • Remotely monitor and control your home from any part of the globe

  • Compatible with popular smart home protocols and technologies

  • Robust hardware options for better connectivity and range

  • Advanced security and privacy features

  • Works with your favourite brands (3500+ brands and counting)

  • Support for Wired or Wireless solutions

About the Aura Controller

One of the best around, that has been gaining popularity these days because of its high-end technology and flexibility. Very few controllers support the number of protocols that Aura does, which includes -

  • Z-Wave

  • KNX

  • IR

  • Tuya

  • ZigBee

  • Dynalite

  • IP

  • SIP (VDP)


The Aura controller is compatible with wired or wireless devices, includes cloud access, is easy to set up, and works well with multiple smart devices regardless of protocol or brand.

Aura is not just limited to a fixed set of brands, devices, or, protocols with the platform being continuously updated with new brands and technologies on a regular basis depending on need and demand. With a focus on user flexibility and experience, Aura is truly a platform for the masses.

The Aura App

The Aura Controller / Smart Hub comes with the Aura Smart app for iOS / Android. It’s user friendly interface is easy to use and is compatible with popular voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and more.


The fact is, with the rise in information availability, and with consumers leaning towards smarter lifestyles, the emphasis on Smart Homes has grown by leaps and bounds.

The Aura Smart Controller takes your home to the next level by being the heart of your smart lifestyle.

As part of our smart lifestyle, smart sensors have become commonplace as a starting point for most smart home consumers. You can further read about some of the most commonly used sensors here - Smart Home Sensors

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