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Terms of Use

Welcome to Aura

By using the website, downloading APP or skill or any other software related to Aura (registered company Latigid Engineering Pvt Ltd, at 238 Shastri Market, Indore, MP), you (the end-user) agree to all of the terms and conditions, as listed in the following clauses. If you do not wish or are unable to agree to the outlined terms and conditions (the “Terms of Use” or “Agreement”), please refrain from using this Site, downloading App or skill, or any other software related to Aura.

Latigid Engineering Pvt Ltd (referred to as “Aura” from hereon). reserves the right to change or alter the terms and conditions at any time without notifying the end-user. If Aura makes changes to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and you continue to use our Site, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy outlined in the most current agreement.

Terms of Use




Aura’s business is to provide a flexible and easy to use platform for all home and business control solutions, which are extremely energy-efficient and eco-friendly.




This Agreement sets forth all of the terms and conditions that the end-user must comply with. By using this site, the end user agrees to follow all of the terms and conditions listed in this agreement. Aura will make its best effort to protect its end user’s privacy and confidentiality from unknown sources, but it is ultimately the end user’s responsibility to protect the end user’s private data such as, but not limited to, passwords, emails, credit card numbers, and other personal information. The end-user acknowledges that the internet is not always secure and that any lost or stolen information, while on the internet, is not at the fault of Aura and thereby does not hold Aura responsible. Also, visit for elaborated privacy guidelines.

Aura reserves the right to make our site and application unavailable, without prior warning, at any time. Whether it be due to repair, server overload, maintenance, business termination, or any other unforeseen reason, the end-user accepts that Aura and its affiliated services have the right to delay or shut down its services at any time. Furthermore, Aura reserves the right to change or alter any feature on its site without prior warning to the end-user.


Modified Terms


Aura reserves the right to change or alter the terms of service, as listed in this agreement, at any time without prior or subsequent notification. All changes are immediately effective, once it is published on this site and the end-user agrees to the terms of agreement by using Aura and its current features.




Aura is not responsible for any damage to any of the end user’s equipment from accessing this site.


End-User Conduct


Aura reserves the right to deny or block access to any end-user that it deems harmful to the site and its customers or partners. The end-user is not allowed to post or transmit any content on Aura that violates, in any way, the rights of others, which includes material that is, but not limited to, defamatory, prejudicial, threatening, abusive, unlawful, profane, invades privacy, encouraging of unlawful acts, or which, without Aura’s prior written approval, contains advertising or any solicitation with respect to products or services. Any conduct that the end-user carries out, which Aura deems restrictive or invasive towards other end-users and their enjoyment of the site and/or the company, is strictly prohibited. End-users are restricted from using Aura and the Aura website and apps to promote anything unrelated to Aura such as but not limited to, commercial, non-commercial, religious, political material without the permission of Aura. End users are also restricted from soliciting other end users to use other commercial or non-commercial websites that are deemed “competitors” of Aura.


This provision applies to all of Aura, its subsidiaries, and partners. If any end user is deemed to have violated this clause, then that end-user is liable for any damages caused and may lose all privileges to use this site.

Copyright and Trademarks

The end-user shall not at any time post, upload, or make available copyrighted or trademarked material on the Aura website, without the express permission of the copyright or trademark owner as well as Aura. Aura holds no responsibility in helping to indicate or determine if any material is copyrighted or trademarked. If the material is in question or the end-user is unsure if the material is copyrighted or trademarked, the end-user is advised to not post it on the Aura website. The end-user is held completely responsible, legally and financially, for any copyrighted or trademarked material that the end-user uploads or makes available on the Aura website, apps, and software.


Any material that is uploaded or made available on the Aura by the end-user is assumed to have acquired the permission of the holder of the copyright and/or trademark and that Aura has the permission to post the image on the site royalty-free and for as long as the site deems necessary. The end-user also agrees that Aura has the permission to copy, change, alter, and/or distribute any material that is made public on the Aura services. Along with Aura, the end-user gives permission for any other end user to copy, change, alter, and/or distribute any content that the first end-user made public on the site. Any and all end users are held strictly and solely responsible and liable for any material they post on the Aura services.


Disclaimer of Warranty; Limitation of Liability


END-USER EXPRESSLY AGREES THAT USE OF THIS SITE, APP, OR OTHER SOFTWARE IS AT END USER’S SOLE RISK. None of Aura, its affiliates, partners, or sponsors guarantee that the use of this site will go uninterrupted or error-free. Nor is Aura or any of its affiliates, partners, or sponsors held responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the content, merchandise, or services that are posted on this site.


This site is operated on an “as is basis” and thereby does not offer any forms of warranty unless dictated differently for specific content or those mandated by applicable laws. This disclaimer of liability applies to any damage or injury caused through the use of this website which includes, but not limited to, interruptions, errors, viruses, failures of performance, deletions, delays, violations and/or any forms of transgression. The end-user acknowledges that Aura is not held responsible or liable for any expected or unexpected damages, which include physical, mental, psychological, or financial harm that resulted from the use of this site. Aura is not to be held responsible or liable for any content that one end user, subscriber, or unauthorized user deems defamatory, crude, untrue, unwelcoming, or harmful. Aura is entitled to its opinions and its right to express them. Furthermore, any content posted on this site, by Aura or any end-user, can be copied, altered, deleted, or distributed by Aura at any time. Again, Aura is not responsible or liable for any damages caused by the posting of any content on this site.




Aura reserves the right to monitor any content that is posted or any interactions taking place on its site in order to make certain that all content satisfies the terms set forth by Aura in this agreement. Aura has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor any or all activity that takes place on its site, app or other software in order to guarantee that all end users are secure, compliant with these terms as well as applicable laws, and enjoy their experience with the site.




The end-user acknowledges that any content that the end-user posts on this website, including, but not limited to, comments, ratings, threads, discussions in chat rooms, and types of media are public information that may be viewed by any other user of the web or person. Any content that is made public on this website, unless noted otherwise by Aura, is not private to any user and therefore may be read by any such user. Aura does not endorse or hold responsibility for any comment or content that any end-user posts on the site, nor is Aura responsible for any content that is copied, altered, or distributed from one end-user by another end user. Aura does reserve the right to use any content that is posted by any end-user on the Aura website to use for marketing, research, or other lawful purposes. For more information on Aura's privacy policy, please look at the Aura Privacy Policy page.


License Grant


Any content that the end-user posts on the Aura website can be reproduced, copied, edited, altered, translated, and distributed through any medium including, but not limited to, computers, internet, print, television, radio. Furthermore, the end-user grants us royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and non-exclusive use of any content that the end-user posts on the site.




End-User agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Aura, its affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of the use of this Site by End User.




Aura reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time. Furthermore, Aura reserves the right to terminate or halt any user accounts or block access to, from any end-user that Aura, at its sole discretion, deems unfit to use the Aura website. Any or all clauses proposed in this agreement may survive the termination of this agreement at the sole discretion of Aura.

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