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Empower Your Home with Intelligent Control.
Control your world with just a touch.
Transform your home into a smart haven with effortless control.

The Aura Platform

Smart home products have dealt with a hidden problem for too long, they couldn’t connect to each other.
Now,The Aura Smart Controller is a device that serves as the central hub for the Aura Smart Platform. It acts as the control center, allowing users to manage and interact with various smart devices and systems within their homes.


One Unified Application


Connect All Smart Devices


Mix & Match Different Protocols


Supports Alexa / Google Home

One Unified Application

Aura Smart is an all-in-one smart home app that seamlessly connects and controls various devices and systems, enabling effortless management of lighting, security, temperature, entertainment, and more, all from the convenience of a single unified interface.

Connect All Smart Devices

Connect all your devices to the Aura Smart app and enjoy seamless control of your smart home. From lights to thermostats, cameras to speakers, effortlessly manage and automate every aspect of your connected home through a single intuitive application.

Mix & Match Different Protocols

Aura Smart is a versatile smart home app that allows seamless integration of various protocols. With Aura, users can effortlessly mix and match protocols such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Z-Wave, creating a customized and interconnected smart home experience.

Supports Alexa, Google Home

The app integrates IT support to enhance the functionality of Alexa and Google Home devices. It ensures seamless connectivity, troubleshooting assistance, and software updates to optimize the performance of voice commands and smart home automation through these voice assistant platforms.

How are we different?

Aura-Driven Intelligent Homes for our OEMs


Enables Market Expansion

Through connected home offerings


Tech-Stack Agnostic

Use Matter, Tuya, KNX, & more


Value-Add Services

Facial Recognition, Spotify, Netflix, Geolocation

OEM Advantages

Platform to manage and integrate smart devices

Unified iOS & Android App with your branding and theme

Cloud Infrastructure - Streaming, Authentication, Video Door Phone

Product Software Development - SDK Integration and more

Custom - Visitor, Hotel Management / Hardware Services

How is Aura adopting Matter?


Matter Cloud

End-to-End Tech Stack
to Enable Matter


Tech-Stack Agnostic

Seamless Transition
to Matter


No Hub Required

Take Advantage of Aura's
Software Hub


Expose Extra Functions

Add More to your Smart

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