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5 Best Smart Home Devices that help in Monsoon & Winter

Smart devices act according to your convenience and adapt based on your preferences. This is the essence of home automation that has led to a boom in the industry as it makes lives easier and convenient.

In this article, we’ll be discussing various smart home devices that are bound to make our winters and monsoons more comfortable.

1) Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats control room temperature according to your preference or needs.

It’s cold outside, but your room temperature is as warm as it should be because your smart thermostat senses this and adjusts the room temperature as per your convenience.

You can control your smart thermostat through your smartphone using an app such as the Aura app. You can give voice commands using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa through the Aura App too.

It also senses your availability and selects a mode i.e ‘Away home’ or ‘In home’ accordingly, thereby adjusting the temperature. Smart Thermostats create major energy savings for users as well making them quite popular amongst homeowners.

2) Smart Microwave

Nothing can beat that feeling of a warm beverage during winters and monsoons.

We may always think of a microwave as being used only to reheat leftovers or to make popcorns for family movie time, but that’s not all a microwave can do.

And with a smart microwave in place, this is a lot easier with the help of home automation. You can control your smart microwave with a voice recognition system like Alexa or Google Assistant.

In addition to that, you can control your smart microwave using your smartphone by installing an app that lets you set the temperature, time, and all other necessary settings as per your need.

Expect to see intelligent ovens pre-loaded with sensors and amazing features in the near future, designed to deliver ideal cooking experiences.

3) Smart Security System

Home security is a no-brainer for most consumers. Ultimately, you must feel safe and secure at home.

And especially during monsoon, the need for a security system is increased. The heavy rain can damage doors, windows, and the moisture can even ruin furniture. This damage can possibly leave consumers and families vulnerable to theft and other crimes. Hence, home security is a must during the monsoon season.

Smart security systems secure our homes, doors, windows and notify us regarding any unusual activity near our homes. They constantly keep track using various sensors and cameras to give users a holistic picture of their security.

We can even control our smart security system remotely and can check our main door anytime and from anywhere.

4) Smart Music Systems

Music is an essential part of our life. It is said that, if you want to stop time, then listen to your favorite music.

You must probably be thinking about how smart music systems will be used in the winter or during the rainy season?

Just think of a scenario where rain is slowly falling from the sky outside your window and you’re listening to your favorite song with your loved ones.

Take this experience to the next level by installing smart speakers at home that can be controlled by your smartphone or even using a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

You can set these speakers to play either in a specific room at home or throughout your house based on the supporting audio systems you decide to install. You can play your favorite playlist just by voice command or from your smartphone using an App such as Aura that enables audio and video streaming from your favorite apps such as Spotify. For more tips on the ideal streaming experience check out ‘How Smart Home Hubs Enhance Your Streaming Experience’

To top it off, systems such as Aura, can detect the type of music being played and set the mood and ambiance accordingly. Mind-blowing!

5) Smart Humidifier

A smart humidifier is a device that detects dryness in the air and adds moisture to it.

The humidifier is mostly useful in the winter season when the air is dry, which causes dry skin, itchy eyes, and other skin-related problems.

It can quite possibly integrate with systems that can sense your discomfort and enables the smart humidifier to respond accordingly.

Smart humidifiers come with wifi compatibility that lets you control using your smartphone or using any voice assistant like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Advanced Home Automation Systems

At the beginning of the article, we described real automation as systems that are capable of suggesting and implementing actions based on our needs and preferences.

Intelligent home automation systems such as Aura are capable of AI-based smart homes and much more. Consumers can use Aura to create various scenes, such as ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ in which multiple actions can be simultaneously implemented as per your convenience.

Under Good Morning, you could probably set your smart home devices such as your smart AC, smart coffee maker, and more to perform a specific task and the same goes for ‘Good Night’.

Scenes have brought true automation to the fore and are likely to keep evolving in the near future as home automation continues to rise.

This rounds off our Top 5 Smart Home Devices that could help during the monsoon & winters, with said seasons right around the corner. Don’t forget to stack up on those pullovers!

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