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Top 5 Popular Smart Home Devices

In our previous article ‘Top 5 Smart Kitchen Appliances’, we discussed various gadgets that could transform our kitchen experience, and now we have come up with the Top 5 Popular Smart Home Devices which will make life easier like all smart home devices do.

Smart Plug

The smart plug is one of the most common smart home devices on our list. By using a smart plug you can automate most functions and appliances. You can also control your smart plug through your smartphone.

For example, you love to have a hot cup of coffee every morning but you hate having to wake up to make it. So just plug in your smart plug to your regular socket and connect your coffee maker to it. Just turn on the coffee maker from your phone, once you wake up.

Else, you can also schedule your coffee maker through the Aura app at a specific time.

Do you always forget to turn off the charger when you keep your smartphone for charging? Does the same happen with your laptop?

Next time, you can connect your smart plug to your regular port and then connect your laptop or smartphone to it and schedule it to charge for a specific time period, say an hour or 40 minutes after which your smart plug will automatically switch off thereby saving electricity.

Smart Lights

Another smart home device we can think of is smart lights. Just like the smart plug, you can also control your smart lights through your smartphone. You can give voice commands to your smart lights from a voice recognition app like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Suppose you’re enjoying movie night at home with your family. Just pick up your phone to dim your smart lights and set the mood.

You can set your smart light to various colors, with some featuring thousands of colors. Just select your favorite color according to your mood from the spectrum and it will change accordingly.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat, a smart home device that controls the room temperature according to your preferences or needs.

It automatically increases or reduces the room temperature to a specific Fahrenheit.

You can control your smart thermostat from your smartphone through an app. You can give voice commands from a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa through your Aura App.

It also detects your presence at home and sets the room temperature. It automatically switches modes between ‘away home’ or ‘in the home’ and sets the temperature based on your presence.

Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks ( is one of the most convenient and opted for smart home devices to date. You can allow people through your door with just your smartphone.

Yes, you can connect your smart door lock through your Aura smartphone app.

You can schedule people to enter at specific times during the day. Say, you have a maid at home who works Monday-Friday between 11 Pm to 4 Pm. You can allow your maid entry only during this time period.

Or you’re busy working in your room and you hear the doorbell. You check who is at the door on your smartphone using the Aura app, but you don’t want to get up, go to the main door, open it and let that person come in. In that case, you can open your door just by tapping your smartphone.

The door lock also sends an alert of any unauthorized entry at your premises to your smartphone.

Smart AC

Last but not the least, the smart AC, like any other smart home device, can connect with your smartphone.

The best feature of a smart AC is its ability to stay updated on your location using your smartphone. It's midday during the summer and you have to step out due to some emergency. You return home, but you have to switch on your traditional AC in full swing and it takes 20 mins or more to cool down.

On the other hand, your new smart AC, can keep tabs on your location via the Aura’s geolocation feature and can start a few minutes prior to your arrival, on the low swing that consumes less electricity. You come home to a calm and relaxing temperature at your home.

Another benefit of a smart AC is you can switch it on or off from anywhere, which means you don’t have to always remember whether or not you switched off your AC while leaving the house. You can track its status from your smartphone too.

Advanced Smart Home Automation systems

When you have more than 2-3 smart home devices, it becomes cumbersome to handle these devices because each smart home device has a separate smartphone app, that needs to be operated separately to control a specific device.

It would be more convenient if you could control all your smart home devices from a single app. Home automation systems such as Aura allow you to connect all your smart home devices through the Aura app alone. It can also work with voice recognition systems such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

You can create various scenes such as ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Afternoon Scene’ where you can create various activities for your smart home devices without having to intervene yourself.

For example, in a ‘Good Morning’ scene, you can enable your smart plug to switch on automatically thereby enabling the coffee maker connected to it, your smart lights will act according to your preferred settings, the smart thermostat will increase or decrease room temperature as set in the scene, the smart door lock will also do its work as per the scene and the smart AC will start or stop according to the scene. All your smart home devices will work in tandem according to the scene you create.

This wraps up the 5 Best smart home devices based on popularity and value. Once you’ve enabled your Smart Home, securing your Smart Home is equally important too. You can also read our take on Smart Home Security concerns under the Alert: Can Smart Homes be Hacked article.

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